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Updated: 2003/02/28

Bryan's Custom Saving Private Ryan


Sergeant Horvath

Private Jackson

T/4 Medic Wade

Private Carpazo

Private Reiben

Corporal Upham

Private Mellish

Private Ryan



Components of Level 4 uniform set

-helmet w/ belt

-gasmask w/ belt


-jumpsuit (dark in color)

-level 4 tactical vest(with all usable pockets)

-pair of glooves

-helmet/gasmask pouch (link with waist belt)

-handgun pouch (unique for level 4 set)

-a waist belt

-pair of boots

-a MP5

-a handgun

**shotgun shells not included in the set**

More images of Level 4 set with CC GIJOE figure


Both Level 3 & Level 4 at $55 each set shipped.

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