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Ordering & Shipping rate Information

We are mainly providing services for group buying & dealers all over the world. Certainly, we are very pleased to help individual collectors from different nations as well.
Owing to the nature of our business, we cannot accept credit cards payment.
Actually, we are not an United States-based company. But we can provide services to US collectors as we have our agent recieving & verifying the payment in US. MO is the preferred payment to us.
For the dealers & collectors from the rest of the world, please let us know & we will inform you with the method of payment & shipping rates. Usually, Telegraphic Transfer is preferred.

Shipping rates are varied from different nations.


SHIPPING RATES TO United States(via air mail)

1 Figure íV US$15.00
2 Figures íV US$25.00
3 Figures íV US$35.00
4 Figures íV US$45.00
5 Figures íV US$55.00
6 Figures íV US$60.00
7 Figures íV US$70.00
8 Figures íV US$80.00
9 Figures íV US$85.00
10 Figures íV US$95.00

For more than 10 figures, the shipping fee will be informed as placing your order.

*Average shipping fee per figure will be lesser when the amount of order incresases.

Handling charge

A US$5 of handling will be charged for each order.
However, it does not apply to mass order(more than 12 pcs in total) & wholesalers' orders.
For individual collectors, the US$5 handling will be waived for all pre-order with payment sent. And, this policy usually last for 1 week after the release of new Dragon's action figures. It applies to all series of Dragon's product we provide. For example: only need US$44 for 1 Klaus shipped now!!