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Updated: 1999/05/29

**Now you can get 1 Adam V.1.0 plus any of the E-gear custom uniform set at US$75 shipped!!

E-Gear Custom 12" uniform sets.

It is our exclusive products selling on-line. Certainly, we welcome dealers from all over the world selling the E-gear series! Several dealers in Singapore, USA & Japan are already selling them. The 1st series is the Hong Kong S.D.U. line. And, the 2nd is S.W.A.T. line.

There's 1 characteristic of all E-gear uniform sets is:

All the pockets & pouches are real & they are tailor-made for carrying different 1/6 scale of weapons & equipments.

Hong Kong S.D.U.
Now we have 2 uniform sets from this line. The Level 3 & Level 4 set. Besides the tactical vest, jumpsuit, balaclavas, pair of gloves & pouch. They are coming with helmet, MP-5, handgun, gas-mask & pair of boots. They are now at:

Level 3 at $55 each set shipped.

Level 4 at $55 each set shipped.

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S.W.A.T. updated

This is an attempt to provide SWAT uniform sets with all real pockets & pouches on the strategic vest which can carry all the weapons & equipments of a SWAT guy needed in action. And we are now proudly introducing 6 different sets of them. One is for the SWAT commander & the other 5 specially for assaulters, scouts, rearguards & element leaders. Or you can customise them for your own SWAT Team!!!

They are now all at US$50 each shipped.

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