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1/6 SCALE Action Figures BASE

Updated: 2003/04/04

Hi! Welcomed to my personal collecting page of 12inches action figure world!

This page has been abondoned for awhile & I am changing it to a hobby-based page which can serve our fellow collectors in the community and , certainly for my interest. I am still willing to help collectors to get what they want. However, I would like to spend more time with my families & have been working for some 1/6 projects for the collectors market. STAY TUNNED! Friends.

Dragon is still producing their wonderful products in the market & I am very happy to collect them too. : ) I would be so happy to help if you cannot find your loved figures in reasonable price. Just EMAIL me! In the coming years, we would see much more wonderful job from Blue Box Toys, Cotsworld, Yellow Submarine, Hot Toys, &... They are all my favourite & successful players in the community. Wishing they can keep their good job!

Thanks for visiting! I will do more update for this page very soon!


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